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New logistics center

After a spring / summer filled with information regarding COVID-19, we would now like to share some happy and exciting news with You. Starting this August, Hagmans Nordic will start moving goods stocked in Sollebrunn (Starta and Micro brands) to our new logistics center placed in Jung, 15 km east of Stora Levene.

In recent years Hagmans Nordic has experienced a steady growth and our current warehouses are starting to become too crowded. Crowded warehouses combined with logistical challenges arising from the fact that we currently stock goods in no less than four different locations in Sweden, have led us searching for a solution to our logistics situation for quite some time now. With this investment, we will create a foundation that enables us to continue our growth together with You, customers in Sweden, the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe.

More efficient handling times

By gathering our entire assortment into one, joint, logistics center, we will be able to offer You, our customer, a more efficient handling of Your order. All deliveries will go from the same warehouse and thus shorten our order handling times.

The move from our existing warehouses will be handled in three steps, the first step starting as early as August. During the first step we are moving all goods stocked at our warehouse in Sollebrunn. Step two and three will start later this fall and involve the move of goods stocked in Landskrona (Landora brand) and Fritsla (Hagmans and Colorex brand). We will provide more information about this later.

We hope that You will be understanding of the minor disruptions that may occur during the working process. We will do our utmost to make sure that this affects You as little as possible.