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Nordic supplier

Hagmans Nordic AB are specialists in the protection and treatment of surfaces. We develop, produce and sell products for the protection and treatment of surfaces for our own and our client’s brands. Hagmans Nordic is part of Limhamnshus Industri AB, which in turn is part of the family-owned Limhamnshus group.

A warm welcome to us!

About us

  • Turnover approx. SEK 400 million annually.
  • Approximately 110 employees.
  • The Nordics are our home market. We export to about 20 countries.
  • Headquarters in Fritsla outside Borås, Sweden.
  • Production facilities in Fritsla, Stora Levene and Sollebrunn, Sweden.
  • Distribution centres in Fritsla, Stora Levene, Sollebrunn and Landskrona, Sweden.
  • Sales offices and distribution in the Finnish towns of Helsinki and Lohja.
  • Environmental and quality certifications according to ISO 9001 and 14001.
  • The highest credit rating accorded – AAA.
  • Members of the SVEFF (Swedish Paint and Glue Producers Association).
  • Part of the family-owned Limhamnshus Group.

Hagmans Nordic supports Hjärnfonden (Swedish brain trust) in their important work to improve research and support for those affected by ilness in brain functions.

Our offer – Surface Solutions

Hagmans Nordic enables retail channels, wholesalers, professionals, contractors, industry, workshops and many more to get the right product with the right quality at the right price. We are specialists in the field of protection and treatment of surfaces and all our categories are available as private label products (PL) or in one of our current, strong brands.

With more than 75 years of experience in the production and development of surface treatment products, we are experts in the field. Our three customer promises are fundamental for the whole operation and they contribute to long-term customer relationships and short decision cycles:

  • Quality – We are specialists in space and offer more than 75 years of experience in the protection and treatment of surfaces with requirements on Nordic quality.
  • Flexibility – We tailor products and offer flexibility at every stage. From large-scale production to small volumes.
  • Proactivity – Our handshake is personal and the focus is on value creation and long-term relationships.

Hagmans Nordic prioritises rapid delivery, flexible production, low start volumes and technological expertise. Whether you want to buy products under your own brand or become a reseller for any of our pre-made trademarks, you are welcome to us.

Read more about the production of private label products (PL) and our strong brands.


Nordic Countries the home market

The Nordics are our home market and our head office is located in Fritsla outside Borås in Sweden. We are also located in Helsinki in Finland as well as in Norway and Denmark.



Nordic quality is sought after and Hagmans Nordic exports to over 20 countries outside the Nordic market. We are always looking for distributors for international growth. Contact us for more information.


Production facilities

Hagmans Nordic has production facilities in Fritsla, Stora Levene and Sollebrunn as well as distribution centres in Fritsla, Stora Levene, Sollebrunn and Landskrona. With broad based environmental permits, we can offer extensive production of surface treatment products.