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Sustainability, environment and quality


With over 75 years of knowledge and experience in chemical products, quality and the environment are two of our most important features which ensures sustainability at every stage. Raw materials, production, consumption, transportation, working environment and not least the product’s ageing ability is under continuous improvement for our common future.

  • Hagmans Nordic AB is certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001.
  • Available environmental certifications for products: The Swan and the EU Ecolabel *

* A number of formulations are available for marking.


Hagmans Nordic has a thorough knowledge of surface treatments, built up effective manufacturing processes to offer the market quality products with low environmental impact and scaled pricing. Quality permeates the business in everything from the development and selection of raw materials to speedy and prompt customer deliveries. It is always important for us to work with high-quality ingredients to provide you, our customer, with the best range of products as possible.

We have industrial production control and every production batch is carefully monitored. Only when all the requirements are met can we approve the product.


To use ingredients that are as gentle as possible for both health and the environment forms the basis of our product development. The proof of this is our wide range of water-related articles and the possibility of adding eco-labels on a number of our products using the Swan and the EU Ecolabel.

Products that still contain naptha only use dearomatised naptha. We are also looking to use mineral spirits with as high a flash point as possible to make the products safer for both transport and storage. Our production facilities are specially designed to produce minimal emissions of hazardous substances.

Here you will find our Environmental and Quality Policy, and our ISO-certificates 9001 and 14001.